Torque Pads Suspension KIT
  • Torque Pads Suspension KIT
  • Torque Pads Suspension KIT
  • Torque Pads Suspension KIT
  • Torque Pads Suspension KIT

Torque Pads Suspension KIT


Enhance your master's suspension

Color: Silver
Mounting standard: stock shock

Torque Pads suspension kit gives you upgraded progressive geometry. What are the advatages then?

  • No more easy bottomouts
  • No need to pump shock to crazy psi like on stock linkeage
  • Possibility to use good brand's shocks like rock shox
  • Full usage of shock stroke compared to about 50% on stock one

This set up is a must have for offroad riding or heavier people.

Linkeage is made from CNC laser cut stainless steel.

It's designed for 190x51 or 200x57 damper. Please use that or shock with very simillar diamensions. 200x57 is more comfortable and cushy setup, very universal. 190x51 is more sporty and better for jumps and heavy offroad.

Default mounting standard is 12,7mm (rock shox, fox, etc). Stock shock and chinese brands such as DNM have 12mm so to make them fit choose "stock shock" variant. We suggest to upgrade shock becauase stock one isn't very durable.


Damper is not included. Installing Torque Pads suspension KIT requires cutting metal mudguard by 4cm

Installation guide

You will need 3 rods and 2 spacers from original linkeage to install KIT

 In the box:

  • 2x long arms
  • 2x short arms
  • 2x steel sleeves
  • 4x aluminium spacers
  • 3x aluminium washer
  • 2x steel axle screw
  • 1x flat head screw
  • 1x M6 screw
  • 6x rubber orings
  • 2x screws for mudguard

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