Torque Pads ONE Split
  • Torque Pads ONE Split
  • Torque Pads ONE Split

Torque Pads ONE Split


EUC Torque Pads (side pads, power pads)

Base color: Black
Additional color (strips and cups): Light green
Velcro: Velcro included but not applied

Torque Pads (power pads, side pads) - designed to add to your EUC experience extra load of comfort, confidence, safety and fun,

Our fundamental goals behind the creation were focused all around increasing riders confidence&safety. Torque Pads also becomes an essential part of your wheel

protection thanks to high quality&strength material we use for prudction.


Main features:

  • The front part of the pad allows you to accelerate much faster and in a more controlled way.
  • The rear part of the pad perfectly supports us when braking. Significantly shortens the braking distance.
  • The front and rear plugs are great for jumping. Allow for better wheel maneuvering.
  • The front space under the plug is the perfect place to hide the Apple Airtag.
  • Pads allow very comfortable driving while riding sited.
  • The split pads allow you to adjust the pads and position them however you like.


  • Set of Torque Pads (for both sides of EUC)
  •  Set of velcro (if you choose the Velcro option)
  • User's manual


Shipping worldwide.

Order processing time is a maximum 30 buisness days (not including shipping).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Pads are not REFUNDABLE (10.8 regulations)

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